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weight loss 1 month

weight loss 1 month

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" I must say that in 2 week i lost 3 kg's with the help of diet given by DR.MINAZ CHARANIA . Before i was always afraid to eat Caebs like Rice and Chappati.i was in the situation were food become enemy to me . Anything i eat i gain wait. After condulting DR.MINAZ i am able to eat verity of food and also i started losing weight. Befor my stomach feel heavy after eating but now it is normal. Initial days I was not confident when DR.MINAZ gave me diet plan which include eating rice as Carbs was the biggest enemy to me and and i gain weight by eating Carbs. As I was not having any choic I followed the diet and and result is in 2 weeks I lost 5 kg's and now my stomach is also not feeling upset or heavy.

I am very Thankul to DR.MINAZ to help me to fix my health and diet issues.I can see myself back to normal weight in few more week by following DR.MINAZ advises.

I will surely recommended her name to anyone who is going through weight and health issues.

                                                                                                                       - MAYUR GUPTA


Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 15 Jun 2018

I visited Dr. Minas ma'm linic On 27th December. I was suffering from sevelar health probleams. Now in one month  And i am  now feeling better and also i had reduce 4kg in 25 days. 

  Thanx a lot Dr. Minaz ma'm 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 27 Jan 2018

Hi, my name is Darshna Kapadia. I am regularly coming to Dr. Minaz Charania @ her clinic - D'N'Y Holistic Health Clinic. I have reduced 4 to 5 kg weight in 6 months. The weight which I lost is more stable than my previous plans. After coming in contact with minaz mam I feel more positive, energetic and confident about me. Firstly I used to get tired easily but now I feel very fresh and my stamina got increased drastically.

After reduction of my body weight I have become more strong mentally and physically, As along with diet I was advised to do some breathing exercises regularly which helped me to cope with my day to day stress. There was a time when I used to get worried in problematic situations, But now I handle my problems with ease, calmness and with positive attitude. 

Dr. Minaz had also cured my daughter's menstruation problem that too without any medicines. I feel that to come in contact with Minaz Mam is one of the best decision in my life.

Thank You mam. 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 22 Dec 2017

Hi friends,

I came to know about Dr. Minaz Charania through a friend of mine. Before I had tried a lot of Diet and met many Dietitions as well. But had never got results. With those dieting pattern i used to feel fatigue, feeling dull and frustrated. But as I came in contact with Dr. Minaz, i never felt the same as before. I have never starved in the diet she gave me. In almost two and a half month i have reduce my weight upto 7 kg and that too with eating. 

After meeting her i came to know about my body and now i love my body. I had set my target to loose 10 kg and i am almost near to it and will continue to work seriously to achive it. I thank Dr. Minaz Charania to give me proper guidance to reduce my weight. Love you mam.  

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 18 Dec 2017

I Dr. Kamlesh Rafaliya had health issues like stomach bloating and overweight. I came to D'N'Y Holistic Health Clinic on 14 November 2017 for the recovery of my problems. Today exactly after a month i  overcame my problems. I am even impressed by D'N'Y's environment. Thank you Minaz Charania and her staff.

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 15 Dec 2017

Hello everyone. I had skin problem and a phase came in my life where i had to face ups and downs. I was stressed up and being a working woman i was unable to handle things going in my life. I needed a person to guide me and help me to stablize my life. I met Minaz Charania, a dietician cum friend cum guide. I went to her clinic ( D'N'Y Holistic Health Clinic ) which is the combination of diet, naturopathy and yoga under one roof. She not only helps you with physical problems but also heals emotionaly and spiritually. 

I was suffering from many problems and one of it was skin problem. i overcame them with drugless healing. With proper lifestyle and good diet I became more confident and now feel good in life.

if anyone who wants to be healthy, maintain your lifestyle in a proper way and specially want to remain away from medicines meet Minaz. 

Thank you Minaz Charania for making me feel good again. 

Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 15 Dec 2017

With so many diets, poor lifestyle and very less time to maintain your shape .It is really great to have Minaz Charania by your side. She is more of a friend rather than a nutrionist.More importantantly she is available to sort my all type of health queries not only for weight but Skin and good health.

She asked all the right questions, listened to my experience and prepared an individualized plan for me that was responsive to my lifestyle and the types of foods and ingredients that i had access to. I lost 8 kgs with moderate exercise in few months with the diet she gave me.

She is extremely honest, co-operative, and available round the clock and very easy going. Two important things that i observed about her are that she won%u2019t recommend anything that is not personally tried by her and all your anxiety about the nutrition, health and diet vanishes as soon as you enter her clinic; such is the positivity that surrounds her. She makes you feel beautiful inside and your body reciprocates outside ultimately achieving your goal.

If you want a healthy body with healthy and positive frame of mind, you should visit Minaz Charania once.


Environmental Scientist, Mahidherpura, Surat



Submitted By: , Rating: 5/5*
On: 20 Sep 2017
minaz charania
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